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Thanks to wonderful supporters, I pre-sold 53 copies of LOVE is Always the way HOME  (and was able to send $530 to help the families!), then after a lengthy printing process, I finally received the book on Friday, August 24th!

I was nervous, but she’s cute! As of Friday evening, October  1st, I’ve almost sold out of books and have donated over $1,500 to help reunite the families who were separated at the US border. I chose to donate through Together Rising, because they are carefully vetting aid organizations and sending money where it is needed most.

Together Rising has deployed almost $4 MILLION dollars to help families, and I’m proud to be a part of this movement.

Publishing this book took a lot longer than anticipated. Midway through the process I started worrying that by the time the book was ready, it would be too late to help the families. I wish we’d been so lucky.

As of 12:00 pm on August 16, 2018, 565 children were still in government custody. This fiasco is far from resolved. You can read more about that here, on the ACLU website.

Here are some facts:

• More than 400 parents were deported from the US – but the Administration is still holding their children in ORR custody.

• Additional parents have been deported, and their children have been released from ORR custody to other people.

• Many parents unknowingly signed away their rights to seek asylum without understanding that they would be deported without their children.

• Many parents were told that self-deporting was the only way they would ever see their children again – only to find their children are still being held in the U.S.

• A number of parents self-deported without having an opportunity to present their asylum cases — because they thought that was the only way to see their children again – and now are in immediate danger of death (and still separated from their children)

• One father, since being deported back to his home country, is being actively stalked by the people who intend to harm him. Your funds are moving him to a neighboring country for safety while attorneys work on his asylum claims

• A mother is hiding from immediate danger in El Salvador, and you are funding her travel to a safer location.

In many ways the families separated at the border is an “old news” story. Except that it’s not. We’ve become so wired on reacting to the next big disaster, that it’s easy to sort of forget—or at least push back from the front burner—the last dozen or so modern-world catastrophes. 

These families still need our help. The ones who are still separated face bigger hurdles. We can’t give up on them.

Together Rising is acting to make change and help these families by donating to a group of 40 organizations & law firms who

• Travel throughout Central America to locate and make initial contact with the deported parents deemed by the administration “ineligible” for reunification with their children.

• Obtain signatures, documents, and coordinate travel and other activities to reunite them their children; and connect parents to U.S. lawyers to facilitate reunification.

There’s a lot more information at Together Rising.

I love their slogan: THERE IS NO SUCH


Please donate to them if that’s your calling, but please, if you’re so inclined, buy my inspirational book about choosing Love over fear and support the families with a $10 donation per book.

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