Buy the Book, Support the Families!

You’re here because you believe that Families Belong Together.

The book is ready to ship!

$22 includes shipping to the 48 contiguous United States. For shipping elsewhere please contact me and we’ll work it out!

$10 from each book goes to Together Rising, which is thoroughly vetting organizations working to reunite families separated at the border, and then distributing funds where they’re needed most. The families need money to pay for airfare, hotel, legal fees, personal items for children and parents released from detention, etc.

Within a day or two of receiving your order your book(s) will be in the mail to you. I can also ship directly to someone of your choosing. Just make sure I have the name and address of the recipient.

Thank you!

16 thoughts on “Buy the Book, Support the Families!

  1. I can’t WAIT to have this book in my hands. I’m so proud of you and proud to be a part of helping these families. ❤


  2. So excited to have this book to share….the whole concept has changed the way I see things. I see hearts everywhere thanks to you! ❤️


  3. Just ordered ten. I’m wondering if i will be able to get more? It might be a good fit for the store but want to see the final bound version first. I am so very proud of you and in awe that i can call you “friend”. Much love…


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